Ultrasonic Welding Machines

Ultrasonic assembly is the method of choice for many applications in the automotive, appliance, medical, textile, packaging, toy and electronics markets, among others. The basic advantages of ultrasonic assembly - fast, strong, clean and reliable welds - are common to all markets. However, each market has specialised needs that they rely on ultrasonic assembly to meet.

Product Description:We offer Handgun Sonobond-1000 (Spot Welding M/C)

  • Operating mode: auto/manual.
  • Time mode operation.
  • Used for spot welding, Riveting, Flaring.
  • Spot welding at 20,35 KHZ-40KHZ.
  • Used in cut & seal and continuous welding.
  • Pistol type and easy to operate handgun.

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