About Us

MICROSUPERSONICS... We introduce ourselves as a group of Engineers engaged in the manufacture of range of Ultrasonic Machines in Bangalore.

We have developed sophisticated Ultrasonic Cleaning machines, Ultrasonic Plastic Welding machines and Ultrasonic Drilling & Polishing Machines for various applications. The Brief detail is as follows

Ultrasonic Cleaners are faster, more efficient, more consistent and safer than any other Cleaning method. Ultrasonic Cleaning is used in wide range of applications such as

1.Electronic Industry for PCB’s and other delicate Electronic Parts.

2. Jewellary Industry for intricate parts.

3. Medical & Laboratory for Cleaning, mixing & Homogenization.

4. Auto Industry for Machined parts, Pump parts, Nozzles, Bearings etc.

5. Aero space Industries for machined components & parts

MSSonics has addressed every conceivable cleaning and parts Cleaning & washing application, from simple oil, chip, coolant removal, complex metal parts, cleaning molds, disk drive components and photonic optical components to absolute zero-residue results.

Our products are of State of Art technology. We have achieved our quality standards with consistent efforts and dedication. All the items are vigilantly checked, before final selection. Regular updates are taken regarding the progress of the products.